Find movement routines to support your interests and hobbies.
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How to stretches

Tom has been delivering videos to help you stretch out niggles and pains at home.
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How to relieve neck and shoulder tension

Regenerate with Pilates

Hollie and Sophie have been helping us to maintain our core strength with Pilates videos.
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Pilates for Runners

Specific exercise requests

Tom has been hosting interviews with health experts as well as being interviewed himself. These interviews have led to requests for stretches for a specific need, such as this one for pregnancy.
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How to stretch during pregnancy

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Access our knowledge beyond our clinic rooms

Inside Project Livelong, we will guide you each month to rehabilitate, regenerate and relax to reset your body to keep up with your life. This is where you will find more videos like this one. It costs less than buying a Sunday paper each week to access our team and we'll be there as calm in the chaos to regularly work on your health foundations and bring you back to your midline.