Focusing on employee health isn’t just a nice gesture, it’s also good business.

Avoiding burnout, improving clarity, and enhancing performance within your team, is a positive long term strategy for businesses.

Companies are looking at the mental health of their employees and making it a priority to address their mental wellbeing

However, some businesses have a tendency to forget the close link between mental health and physical health. Project Livelong offers companies and their people, the opportunity to access dedicated/bespoke workshops and webinars that can help ensure bad habits don’t develop into long-term health problems, allowing employers to step in to help employees take care of their physical as well as their mental health.

Wellbeing Tools

  • Breathwork

    Breathwork can be used to help rehabilitate and reset a team very quickly. It can help with stress, anxiety, focus, performance and boost immunity to help stay healthy and fight off illness.

  • Meditation

    Delivering simple tools and techniques that fit into our busy modern day living and can be tapped into at any time of day. Learn to shift into a positive mindset, temper the mind and relax the body, for both instant effect and long-lasting health benefits.

  • Movement

    Engage in movement sessions, such as yoga, that support your wellbeing and mindset. Regular movement that is tailored to your body state can greatly improve your performance and clarity of mind.

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