Live Timetable

Join us on zoom for live classes

  • Wednesday at 9.00am

    Join Hollie for a Core class

  • Thursday at 7.45pm

    Join Sophie for a Gentle/Beginner class


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Our virtual studio

Join Hollie and Sophie in their virtual Pilates studio for 45 - 60 minute weekly live sessions. Enjoy our detailed virtual instruction; on of us will teach the class and guide you all in your homes, while the other demonstrates to allow you to follow along just as you would in a face to face class. The replays will drop into your membership for you to complete at your leisure, so there is no need to worry if you cannot make the live times. We will also add some pre-recorded '10 minute favourite routines' which are designed to fit into a busy week.


You can access our virtual studio with a 6-week pass for £50. This gives you:

  • Up to 12 live classes

  • Up to 12 replays

  • Our 10-minute favourite routines

  • A few added bonuses we throw in along the way

Why a 6 week pass?

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body"

We feel this is the minimum amount of time we need to help you see a difference to your body health by implementing Pilates into your lifestyle routine. At Livelong our objective is to help your body to keep up with your life, and just like the creator of Pilates, Joseph Pilates suggests above, this takes more than 10 sessions.

Free trial

Not sure? Try out our sessions and teaching style.

Will it suit me?

Try our free trial

We have created a free trial to allow you to experience our virtual teaching technique. All you need to do to access your free trial is sign up with your name and email. You will be able to access a showcase of some of our replays for up to 2 weeks. Once you have completed all our free lessons, you can easily purchase a 6-week membership with us via our login.

Want to jump straight in?

You can get started with our 6 week pass.

If you are ready to get started straight away, simply 'purchase' our 6-week membership. You will be asked to sign up with your name and email if you have not already done so and then you will be asked for payment details. One of us will get in contact with you via email within 48 hours to arrange a time to call to discuss how our live Pilates classes work, your previous experience with Pilates and most importantly any health or injury concerns we should be aware of before you begin. We may be a virtual studio in delivery, but everything else is still very much personal and tailored to you. We are happy to correspond via email if it's more suitable for you, but its great to get to know all our members in person.

Inside our virtual studio

Find all our replays and links to our live sessions inside your member area. Here's an example of how it will look when you sign-up and join our virtual studio...
What's inside our free trial

Want a personal check-in?

Not sure about your form? Got a new niggle? Want some 1:1 coaching?

  • Book a Check-in

    £40 for members (£55 non member)

    As a member of our 6 week plan you can book in for a 1:1 session at a discounted rate of £40 (usually £55). You can arrange to have this as a virtual session or you can book to come into our clinic studio at Hyntle Barn, Hintlesham. A 1:1 is a great way for us to work on any niggles, worries or technique improvements that you can make to develop your Pilates practice and enhance the results you get from your virtual membership. It is a great chance for us to get to know you and your body needs. To request a 1:1 email us at and we will be in touch. Feel free to book a 1:1 as a non-member at the regular price of £55.

get in touch with us

Email us directly to book a 1:1 or with any questions