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An online space where you can proactively engage in lifestyle habits that promote your health and wellbeing. We are working to help you regularly reset your body to keep up with your life.

We can’t always be expected to stay in optimal health, there are meant to be highs and lows. For us Project Livelong is about helping you connect back to your health midline. In our space, you will find us as your accountability partner to reset, build resilience, and when needed, recover.

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Everything you need beyond our clinic rooms to help your body keep up with your life. We will add new lessons each week for you to access at your convenience.

  • Make breathwork a habit with LIVE guidance from Tom and Katie

  • Access your favourite breath sessions anytime, from our back catalogue

  • Jump into our 10 minute mobility and stretching to keep moving

  • Unlock our exclusive how to’s to keep your health on track

  • Relax with our tailored meditation guidance

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Tom Parry

Lead Instructor

With over 10 years working in private practice, Tom is driven by the belief that health should be accessible to all. It starts with education and helping people understand how they can harness and improve their own health and regularly reset their body. As a practising Osteopath, acupuncturist and level 2 Wim Hof Instructor, Tom treats and supports a huge number of people with their health and wellbeing management.

Katie Millett

Lead Instructor

Katie has been working, sharing and teaching within the London wellness industry for over 10 years. Whilst successfully running a Harley Street clinic and balancing busy family life, Katie works to provide realistic and achievable lifestyle shifts to bring about effective and lasting health and happiness improvements.

Beyond the clinic room

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Proactively engage in weekly habits that promote your health and wellbeing.

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    £8.25 per month

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Movement: Runners Pilates Routine

An example of a simple 10min mobility session.

Reset your body

Access our knowledge beyond our clinic rooms

  • Live Sessions

    Whatever your experience of breathwork, tune in for weekly LIVE sessions with Tom and Katie. Every Saturday morning, you can join their live zoom session and be guided through 25-45 mins of breathwork to reset your body and manage your energy.

  • Movement

    Enjoy new 10-minute mobility and stretching workouts each month that will target troublesome areas or alleviate body restrictions such as desk-bound working. Revisit your favourite sessions anytime.

  • How to's

    Dive into our advice and thoughts on a variety of topics each month, from how to take a cold shower, to what vitamin supplements you should be thinking about for the time of year to healthy recipe and nutrition advice.

We are also helping companies & their people


Access our growing wellbeing resource, covering movement, breath work and how to's.

Why join Project Livelong?

We are always looking for ways to support our patients beyond our clinic rooms. We are often sharing tips, tools, and new healthy habits with patients in consultations but we all need easy access to resources to keep us on track. Subscribe to our membership to access our resources, live sessions, weekly breath session and an expanding resource library of 'how to's' to help keep you pain and injury-free.