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An online space where you can proactively engage in lifestyle habits that promote your health and wellbeing. We are working to help you regularly reset your body to keep up with your life.

We can’t always be expected to stay in optimal health, there are meant to be highs and lows. For us Project Livelong is about helping you connect back to your health midline. In our space, you will find us as your accountability partner to reset, build resilience, and when needed, recover.

Reset your body

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  • Podcast

    Each week we will release a podcast episode where we will take a deep dive into the theme of the month. We will discuss the science, research, opinions and share our own knowledge and understanding around the topics and problems that surround the theme

  • How to's

    Following our podcast, we will release a 'how to' video into our membership showing you how you can begin to reset the bad habit or adopt the new health behaviour we have been discussing. Each week our 'how to's' will show you how to implement the tools and methods we are sharing and work on the health theme of that month.

  • Live Sessions

    Each week we will host live sessions to guide you into implementing tools and techniques that help improve your health and wellbeing in line with our monthly theme. These lives will range from movement, to breath work, to meditation to Q&A's. As a member all the replays will be available for you to watch at your convenience.

Beyond the clinic room

Our weekly podcast


On average we breathe around 23,000 times a day as a subconscious action, yet our breath is rarely an entity we train.

Learning methods and techniques of breathwork allows you to train your respiratory system daily. Breath is our life force and as such, has dominant power over many of our body systems. By learning to control our breath we can change our state and reset our health at any moment, on any day.


Movement is life; without good maintenance immobility is inevitable.

From the age of 30 years old, we all begin to lose muscle mass year on year. We can stop this natural process and even reverse it by undertaking strength and conditioning exercises on a regular basis. You will have access to exercises that will form the foundation for your day to day fitness, flexibility and mobility.

How to's

Your body will constantly wish to find shortcuts for movement, which will often take you away from your optimum movement pattern.

This is why it is good to regularly check-in and reset your body. The most seasoned athletes rely on a coach to see their body's need for a reset before it becomes pain or injury. You will have access to our team's 'how to's' allowing you to take control of your body and deal with a problem with its first signs of niggle or discomfort.
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Proactively engage in weekly habits that promote your health and wellbeing.

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    Access and subscribe to our weekly podcast. Dive deeper by reading articles we publish. 'Pay as you go' to join our live sessions; the schedule is released in the proceeding week.

  • Membership

    £9.95 per month

    Access our weekly podcast to set-up your week, engage with our 'how to' release to see how to implement tools and tactics into your week to improve your health behaviours. Join all our live sessions and get replays delivered to your membership dashboard to be accessed at your convenience. Access our accountability tools and resources and join our private community to stay motivated.

  • Bespoke corporate packages

    £ POA

    Receive a tailored package to deliver the correct number of hours of health and wellbeing support your team requires per month. Enjoy monthly bespoke sessions following our health theme to allow us to develop health and wellbeing behaviours with your team, that support their performance and enjoyment at work. Specify deep-dive sessions to help your team with specific goals. Access 1:1 sessions. PLUS give your team full access to all Project Livelong Membership activity, for themselves and their family.

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Why join Project Livelong?

We are always looking for ways to support our patients beyond our clinic rooms. We are often sharing tips, tools, and new healthy habits with patients in consultations but we all need easy access to resources to keep us on track. Subscribe to our membership to access our resources, live sessions, weekly breath session and an expanding resource library of 'how to's' to help keep you pain and injury-free.

What you will access

Everything you need beyond our clinic rooms to help your body keep up with your life. We will add new lessons each week for you to access at your convenience.

  • Rehabilitate with our weekly 'how to's'. Learn to manage stress, anxiety, performance, create clarity, improve immunity and much more.

  • Regenerate with our weekly 'live' sessions. Train and enhance your foundational health and wellbeing habits to prevent pain and injury, and proactively engage in a lifestyle that promotes your optimum health.

  • Relax with our podcast and resources. Your body will always need to reset, we'll dive deep each week into the knowledge, science and methods that will support your health.


Tom Parry

Lead Instructor

With over 10 years working in private practice, Tom is driven by the belief that health should be accessible to all. It starts with education and helping people understand how they can harness and improve their own health and regularly reset their body. As a practising Osteopath, acupuncturist and level 2 Wim Hof Instructor, Tom treats and supports a huge number of people with their health and wellbeing management.

Katie Millett

Lead Instructor

Katie has been working, sharing and teaching within the London wellness industry for over 10 years. Whilst successfully running a Harley Street clinic and balancing busy family life, Katie works to provide realistic and achievable lifestyle shifts to bring about effective and lasting health and happiness improvements.

Pilates Virtual Studio

6 week pass £50

Pilates Virtual Studio

2 live classes per week & access to replays

Join our 6-week Pilates pass for pure Pilates movement to complement your Project Livelong membership. Pilates focuses heavily on core strength and stability. It is a workout method created by Joseph Pilates that involves moving through slow, precise, strength exercises with breath control. It is a great practice for those who are looking for a low-impact workout that will challenge all your muscles and train them to work optimally to prevent injury and pain.
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Movement: Runners Pilates Routine

Try this simple workout, perfect for anyone who is active.

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